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(creating the change that inspires, motivates, strengthens  & heals)
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Alliance Psychology Group is a small private practice. We are dedicated to understanding and treating a range of psychological, emotional, developmental, learning and clinical issues of our patients.  We believe the bond that is developed between therapist and client is essential and is based on respect and positive regard. Therefore we hold ourselves to the highest standards, we have worked and continue to work diligently to make sure we provide the best outpatient treatment experience possible. 

​                                                           Antonio "Nino" Agosta Psy.D Founder/Owner
                                                           Dr. Antonio Agosta is a licensed psychologist with years of clinical expereince providing treatment to children,                                                                            adolescents and families dealing with a variety of behavioral and emotional problems. His clinical experience comes                                                                 from a wide range of settings  including private practice, community mental health, inpatient residential treatment, in-                                                             home therapy & therapeutic day school. In addition he provides consultation and supervision to other psychologist and                                                             psychotherapist. Dr. Agosta is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of the field so that he may provide the best                                                                       quality care to the individuals and families with whom he works. He takes pride in bringing his warmth, humor, and                                                                   clinical skill to the diverse needs of  children, teens, young adults and families.

                                                                Linda Shkreli LMSW, LCSW,QMHP is a clinical psychotherapist with extensive experience  providing                                                                                   treatment to individuals, couples, families, adolescents facing a variety of issues. She has specialized training in                                                                           sexual dysfunction.  She trained under the guidance of Dr. Domeena Renshaw a renowned  sex educator at Loyola                                                                        University Chicago where Ms. Shkreli also completed graduate school. Ms.Shkreli  is first generation Albanian                                                                               American, she is bi-lingual and also offers therapy services in Albanian.  She recognizes that we are all unique                                                                              therefore she strives to  identify & support the uniqueness & positveness that she encounters in each of her clients.                                                                       She has worked in a variety of treatment settings, such as community mental health centers, private psychology                                                                          practices, outpatient psychiatric centers, psychiatric hospitals, and college counseling centers.
                                                               During her clinical work, Linda stands side-by-side with her clients as they move towards a brighter future by                                                                              implementing  changes that inspires, motivates, stregthens and heals leading  to contented, calm, and complete life.                                                                  Linda has stayed true to her conviction that people have an amazing capacity for growth, development and change.